So, what to write about...

How have you been? Well, let's just start with a lot has happened.

I can’t talk about it all yet. I’m just getting my bearings here. So, I’ll post this video from Spain. I didn’t make it.

I don’t know who did but, I own this domain ( becuase I started an early WordPress blog in 2006 with this idea of writing about where art, craft, and design intersect.

In essence, I created this “gangsta shit”, so we’ll all enjoy their video; it lays down visually where I am going with this site in a contemporary sense: “Redefining Craft in the Twenty-First Century”. Now, I’ll have to find new words to go with new images of new work; it’s all a bit disorienting because I haven’t really thought about this stuff in a while.

«However, ironically, I think I presented a paper in Spain about this topic and with this same title once, some time ago, maybe circa 2017? ….if I find the paper, I’ll post it here as a follow-up post.»