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Redefining Craft began in 2004 as an early WordPress blog, while Dennis Stevens worked as the ceramics and glass technician within the School of Art and Design at San Jose State University.

About Redefining Craft

Redefining Craft is an online platform that showcases how individuals in American studio craft communities of practice embody values through their projects. The content on the site highlights the intersections of art, craft, design, technology, and critical thinking.

The platform provides a space for exchange and learning, where individuals with diverse aesthetics can evaluate the core values of craft communities of practice. Redefining Craft presents 21st-century knowledge on art and design creation, utilizing current tools and materials, and contextualizes history to document the latest developments in the craft domain.

Digging Deeper

The art-historical view gives rise to traditional, historically-based definitions of art, craft, and design. However, artists and designers today are using new materials, techniques, and technologies to create art that wasn't possible before.

The emergence of new creation methods changes how we evaluate and perceive art, craft, and design. Blending art, craft, and design objects makes us question whether creative outputs should be separated into distinct categories.

Sometimes, traditional definitions and practices in the field need updating. For instance, the art and design canons have been criticized for lacking diversity in class, race, and gender representation. And clearly, we have recognized the need for a more conscious perspective and an updated vocabulary to address these issues.

Redefining Craft is a content channel and online community that examines aesthetics at the intersections of art, craft, design, and technology.

We aim to locate answers to 21st-century questions.

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