Asking ChatGPT about art, craft and designWatch now (7 min) | using an AI chatbot to interrogate the hybrid intersections of art, craft and design

August 2022

Episode 2: The Rhetoric of Polarization and the Failures of Objectivity in JournalismListen now (32 min) | In this second episode, Dennis discusses the rhetoric of polarization in connection to the function of shared meaning in the news…
Episode 1: An introduction to understanding news as it relates to politicsListen now (24 min) | In this first episode, the host, Dennis Stevens, outlines the influences, history, and present challenges that drive the need to…

February 2022

Strategic planning and the American Craft Council
Welcome to the Agon: Episode 2Watch now (19 min) | Strategic Planning, Discovery Mode
Understanding Socially Engaged Art
Is there a downside to the success of inclusiveness?
The Tension Between Craft Community and Cultural Change
Re-evaluating the Altered Landscapes of Art, Craft & Design

January 2022

Understanding how craft communities of practice get stuck.
How to turn something lackluster or subpar into something great? I have a difficult question— how can Redefining Craft serve a set of needs that are not being served by the Critical Craft Forum?
Is the idea of "yassifying craft" a productive conversation?