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Redefining Craft is focused on the manifestation of values through people and their projects. We build pedagogically-useful content relevant to the hybrid intersections of art, craft, and design, as well as these domains’ relationship to technology and critical thinking as it pertains to the education and training of students in studio art and design in higher education.

Redefining Craft identifies and communicates the values at the heart of craft practice while making it possible to interact with and learn from others with divergent aesthetics.

Redefining Craft organizes 21st Century knowledge around issues that emerge as artists and designers create new work with the tools and materials they have available— here, we contextualize the historical in art and design while documenting and highlighting the emergent.

Additional Background

The art-historical perspective gives rise to historically-grounded and traditional definitions of art, craft, and design. Today, artists and designers are using new materials, processes, and technologies to create art that could not have been made previously.

When new contexts and perspectives for making emerge, this alters the way that we consider, perceive, and evaluate the outcomes in art, craft, and design. Also, the contextual hybridity of art and design objects challenges the notion that creative outcomes can and should be divided into distinct disciplinary categories.

Occasionally, traditional art historical definitions and practices require re-examination and an update. For example, recently, there have been vigorous critiques of the art and design canons due to a lack of diversity in the representation of class, race, and gender. As these problems are addressed, there is a growing need to develop a more conscious outlook and a more agile vocabulary.

Redefining Craft is a content stream and an online learning community that interrogates aesthetics in the places and spaces where art, craft, design, and technology intersect; we are interested in finding 21st Century answers to 21st Century questions.

You can connect with like-minded people in the Redefining Craft community, and this platform enables the potential to have substantive, productive conversations.

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Dennis Stevens, Ed.D.
Dennis Stevens is an advisor, an artist, and a writer. Dennis has his Ed.D. from Teachers College, Columbia University. See:,, and for more info.