Is the idea of "yassifying craft" a productive conversation?
Strategic planning and the American Craft Council
Welcome to the Agon: Episode 2Watch now (19 min) | Strategic Planning, Discovery Mode
Is there a downside to the success of inclusiveness?
Understanding Socially Engaged Art
Understanding how craft communities of practice get stuck.
How to turn something lackluster or subpar into something great? I have a difficult question— how can Redefining Craft serve a set of needs that are not being served by the Critical Craft Forum?
And, a new beginning for Redefining Craft
Welcome. Hi I'm Dennis. This is me making my New Year's intentions clear.
The Tension Between Craft Community and Cultural Change
Re-evaluating the Altered Landscapes of Art, Craft & Design
How have you been? Well, let's just start with a lot has happened.